The Faith & Freedom Magazine as compiled and edited by Rev. John MacKenzie ceased to be published in 2008 when Rev. John was stricken with illness and unable to continue the work of warning of the apostasy being perpetrated both by individuals and churches throughout the world. The magazine is a scriptural voice urging separation from apostasy (Rev. 1:2).
When the new Faith and Freedom Ministry commenced in Perth in 2009, Rev. Errol Stone as Editor, began to publish a new magazine to ensure the warnings and historical information continued to be distributed.
In 2009 Jim Laurenson from New Zealand settled in Perth and was keen to become involved in the magazine ministry and was appointed to assist Rev. Stone to research materials for inclusion in the magazine. Jim also assisted in the day to day operation of the bookstore until December 2012. Since then the ministry has been assisted by many helpers, including University students.
In October 2009, one thousand copies of the first edition of the new magazine were posted.
In 2013 circulation increased to 1,300-1,600 and copies are distributed to all Australian States. Also to Burma; Cambodia; Chile; China; Ethiopia; Ghana; India; Indonesia; Israel; Kenya; Korea; Lithuania; Malaysia; Nepal; Netherlands; Northern Ireland; Philippines; Scotland; Singapore; Sweden; Tanzania; Thailand; United Kingdom; U.S.A.; Vietnam & others. There are also hundreds of emails which are sent all around the world.
Like the Faith & Freedom Bookshop the magazine relies for its continued production and distribution entirely on voluntary labour and is supported by the subscriptions and gifts received from faithful Bible believing Christians, churches and Bible Colleges around the world.
All Glory to God for the blessing of being able to continue this vital work for the Lord.

If you would like to receive a copy of the magazine, please contact us for subscription details and cost.

*Disclaimer: Faith and Freedom Ministries INC. does not always agree with view or doctrine printed from the secular, Christian or so-called Christian articles that appear in the magazine. This magazine committee stands strongly on biblical separation from apostasy (2 Cor 6:14- 7:1). Articles represent church history and biblical prophecy being fulfilled and must be read discerningly. Articles are not necessarily error free.

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